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Do you have an Apple iMac which is not being used? If so then you could be sitting on a big pile of cash instead! At Mac4Cash we love all iMacs right back to the original early 2000's versions. We will literally buy any iMac whether it is working or not. We have paid out as much as £900 for iMac trade ins and spent more than £500,000 in the last 18 months on Macs to customers like you!

To sell us your iMac for the best trade in price in the UK then simply gather all of the information about your iMac that you can and fill in our 30 second form for an instant quote.

We know the iMac market better than anybody in the UK so rest assured we will pay the highest amount possible to ensure that you are happy and that we can recycle your old iMac in the most efficient way.

What else we buy

As you can see below, it is not just used Macbook models that we buy but we also purchase any other Apple device you can think of.
From Macbooks to iMac, iPhones to Mac pro, we will buy your old used Apple Mac devices and computers.
Every single Apple Mac that has ever been made holds value regardless of age. We will literally buy any Mac that you are selling!
So if you have an old Mac lying around, it is not junk. You can sell it and put the money towards a new iPad or Mac.

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